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Teaching in Greece in September

I would like to invite you all to the Greek Trombone Days festival that will take place in Athens, between the 15th - 17th of September 2016.

To my great delight, I was

invited to teach in this fine organization, and will be joining the principal trombone trombone of the Greek National Symphony Orchestra, George Krimperis (who also orginizes the festival) and Konstantin Koev (Bass trombone, Flanders Symphony orchestra, Belgium) in teaching, coaching and performing.

Every student will receive a private lesson with each of the teachers, an option to participate in a guided chamber ensemble and to perform in the last evening's closing concert.

Additionaly, the teachers will perform solo and ensemble pieces. I am personally super excited about this concert, since it is due to include a piece written especially for me by Ziv Slama (world premiere!)

Application fee; 60 euros, or 30 if you are not interested in taking part in the group playing.

10 euros for a cool t-shirt of the festival!

Looking forward to meet all of you, beginners and experts alike, for a touching journey through our instruments and beyond.

for more details (in greek...) press here

Please contact me via email for registration or further inquiries.

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