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Oh NO! a new trombone piece!!

After a year of joint effort, endless hours of collaboration and head scratching, we are starting to see the end of the journey -

Ziv Slama, an accomplished Saxophone player of classical and andalusian music, brilliantly imaginative arranger and composer, has agreed to lend me his talent and wit and endorse me with a brand new piece for solo trombone. The piece is still untitled, but here's a teaser -

the music will take the listener through the musical prism of the lucidly colorful language of the middle east, with its innate subtle microtonal systems and sonorities. the performer is expected to play, sing and create sounds through open valve tubes. we have designed a new modal system based on an uncorrected overtone series of the instrument, in order to let natural and artificial timbers evolve into a new emulsion of colours. and together with a specifically designed notation system, we are hoping to create an 8-minute-long piece of music with no compromise, that will contribute to the expending of the trombone repertoire.

first performance will be held on September 17th, in the final concert of the Greek trombone days in which I will be teaching.

Check out Ziv's Soundcloud page -

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