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September 2016

Oh no! a new trombone piece!!

After a year of joint effort, endless hours of collaboration and head scratching, we are starting to see the end of the journey - 

Ziv Slama, an accomplished Saxophone player of classical and andalusian music, brilliantly imaginative arranger and composer, has agreed to lend me his talent and wit and endorse me with a brand new piece for solo trombone. The piece is still untitled, but here's a teaser -

the music will take the listener through the musical prism of the lucidly colorful language of the middle east, with its innate subtle micro-tonal systems and sonorities. the performer is expected to play, sing and create sounds through open valve tubes. we have designed a new modal system based on an uncorrected overtone series of the instrument, in order to let natural and artificial timbers evolve into a new emulsion of colours. and together with a specifically designed notaion system, we are hoping to create an 8-minute-long piece of music with no compromise, that will contribute to the expending of the trombone repertoire. 

26.8.2016 16:00-19:00

Masterclass in São Paulo


I would like to Invite all the Brazilian Trombone community to share an afternoon of music and smiles with me, at the EMESP Tom Jobim Music institute (

I will be teaching between 16:00-19:00, and would love to hear and advise!

Vejo você lá!


Greek Trombone days

I would like to invite you all to the Greek Trombone Days festival that will take place in Athens, between the 15th and 17th of September 2016. 

To my great delight, I was invited to teach in this fine organization, and will be joining the principal trombone trombone of the Greek National Symphony Orchestra, George Krimperis (who also orginizes the festival) and Konstantin Koev (Bass trombone, Flanders Symphony orchestra, Belgium) in teaching, coaching and performing. 

Every student will receive a private lesson with each of the teachers, an option to participate in a guided chamber ensemble and to perform in the last evening's closing concert.

Additionaly, the teachers will perform solo and ensemble pieces. I am personally super excited about this concert, since it is due to include a piece written especially for me by Ziv Slama (world premiere!)

Application fee; 60 euros


Looking forward to meet all of you, beginners and experts alike, for a touching journey through our instruments and beyond.

July 2016

Mahler's 3rd Symphony

This month was extremly exciting for me, performing Mahler's 3rd symphony with Maestro Zubin Mehta and the Israel Philharmonic. 3 concerts were held in Israel, the third of which was recorded for a CD which is due to be publish in the beginning of 2017. 

It has been a highly satisfying experience to be performing these all-so-very familiar solo passages embraced with the lacious and deep sound of my collegueas, experimenting with the phrasing and confronting with the excitment and rush of live preformance. 

Another performance will be held in Buenos Aires' beautiful venue of Teatro Colon, on our South-American Tour next month. 

18.10.2015, 31.1.2016

Masterclass in Athens

Hi! I will be visiting Athens next week for two concerts, and am very pleased to announce that, with the great help of my friend George Krimperis, I will hold a masterclass there on Sunday the 18th. it will take place at the Megaron Hall, between 13:00-17:00.


I will start with talking about my personal approach to playing, practicing, teaching and orchestral playing, about yoga and music, and other interesting stuff, and then we will proceed to individual lesson which are open to public


I would love to see you there!



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